At Emmaus Farm, we offer the opportunity to live out the charisms of the Farm:

Service - The central mission of Emmaus Farm is to serve. Living the other cornerstones of simplicity, community, and prayer, allows us to do this with a greater understanding and awareness of our actions and their purpose.

Simplicity - By simplifying our lives, we are able to become present in a more authentic way with each other, with those we serve, and with our surroundings. We limit our showers during volunteer weeks, we do not shave or wear makeup, forgo electronic and time-keeping devices, eat simple meals, sleep in simple dormitories, and discuss the reasons why we live this simplistic lifestyle by choice.

Community - We value time with each other on the Farm, as well as time with members of the Lewis County community as the fundamental purpose of our ministry. Ministry of presence can be done at any of our work sites, during night sites, and during down time at the Farm. By living in community at the Farm year round, we aim to instill in our volunteers the knowledge that this can happen every day in their lives, and the desire to make that happen.

Prayer - All that we do flows from our relationship with our loving God. Prayer is the way that we punctuate our day before meals, before departing for work or night sites, at nightly reflection, and at Mass. We also encourage prayer in other ways including worshipping at a protestant church in the community, praying in a person's home, sharing music, and through our actions of service.