We are currently seeking staff to begin in 2020. Contact us if you are interested!

Dedicating time to volunteer as an Emmaus Farm Manager will be a transformative experience of living the cornerstones of service, simplicity, community, and prayer in a deeper way. We are seeking people to help develop our community life on the Farm, people with excellent critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, people who are excited to develop new relationships in Lewis County and new projects on the Farm. Below is an overview of the hiring process:

  • Discernment of the applicant

  • Application due 3 months prior to planned start date

  • Phone/Skype interview with Director and possibly a Board member

  • Farm visit

  • Discernment of the Farm

  • Background check/final paperwork

  • Move to Emmaus Farm

Below you will find information and the job application for the position of Farm Manager. Please contact us with any questions.