Lending a Helping Hand Food Pantry is located in Tollesboro, KY, about 20 miles from the Farm. The pantry facilitates a food box handout of government commodities and donated food, and serves between 250 and 500 families suffering from poverty every month. Lending a Helping Hand also has a clothing pantry, which serves as a collection point to redistribute clothing and thrift items. Emmaus Farm volunteers will help pack boxes and assist with monthly handout days.

People’s Self Help Housing is a nonprofit construction company that builds and rehabilitates low-income housing in Lewis County. Volunteer service benefits PSHH in two ways: it provides free labor, doing tasks that the skilled employees then do not have to do, and the company participates in a government grant program wherein each volunteer hour leverages $10 of government grant funding toward their projects.

Stewardship will be a major part of every volunteer week. With dozens of volunteers visiting the Farm week after week, maintaining and caring for our Farm home will be vital. This will include routine cleaning as well as small home-improvement projects.

Golden Living Vanceburg Rehabilitation Center is a 94-bed nursing care facility where volunteers share stories, sing songs, help organize games, and oversee social activities with residents.

Comprehend is an adult mental health agency located in the heart of downtown Vanceburg. Volunteers do crafts, play games, help work in Comprehend’s thrift shop, and take walks downtown with the clients of this facility.

Licking Valley Senior Center is an agency where senior residents of Lewis County can come twice a week for a free meal and social hour. Licking Valley also facilitates a small monthly government commodity food box handout for senior residents. Volunteering with Licking Valley includes helping serve and cleanup meals, and helping to pack and distribute about 100 monthly commodity boxes.

Side Projects come up, and we will check in with residents who need assistance from time to time. These projects could include minor home repairs, lawn maintenance, delivery of firewood to those unable to afford to heat their home, visiting with residents in their home, and additional projects as they arise.


Lewis County
at a Glance


With a population of just under 14,000, government benefits account for over 42% of reported Lewis County income.

Lewis County Median Household Income: $27,707

United States Median Household Income: $53,482

Over 28% of Lewis County residents live below the national poverty line.